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Spring into Summer

Is everyone loving the recent warm weather? Most of us want to live in a world that is sunny every day, however, here in Upstate New York, we have it rough. We have weeks that it will be snowing, sunny and 70, and/or raining! As we are inching toward the middle of May, our nice days have been steadily increasing. Are you someone that walks every day when the weather is finally nice enough to be outside? Walking is just as beneficial as running or doing other strenuous cardio exercises. Walking is considered as a lower impact exercise that shares similar benefits with running. It calms your heart rate, reduces cholesterol, body fat and body weight. Other benefits include: Boost...

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5 Best Workout Looks For Going To The Gym

What Do I Wear?   For those of you who like to go to the gym and workout, but never know what to wear, this is for you. Working out is about feeling good, but that doesn't mean you can't look good too. So here are some cute outfit ideas for inspiration! Cardio Day 1.       2. Whether you're doing cardio indoors or outdoors, you can dress the part while staying stylish. For women, a cute pair of printed leggings and a simple top will never disappoint. Pair it with a cute sports bra and headband and you'll be all set to hit the treadmill.  Boys, you can look good too. For a light jog, a three-quarter length triblend tee with a...

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Foods That Keep Your Body Happy Before and After a Workout

Why it's important to eat the right foods before and after exercising  Have you ever gone to the gym and just felt like you had no energy? Or felt you aren't eating the appropriate foods afterwords? These issues can be caused by not having the right nutrition before and after a workout. So here are a few tips and tricks of what you should include in your diet if you are active regularly.  Before a workout  If you are expecting to exercise, you should plan to eat 1-2 hours before your workout. This will give the food time to digest and give your body time to absorb the nutrients. Before a workout, healthy carbohydrates are recommended to optimize your energy. Some foods to consider before a workout are:...

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