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Is Athleisure Here to Stay?

Athleisure first stepped out on the fashion scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and has been the hot, new trend among the masses since the early 2000’s, due its versatile, comfortable, and sporty look. The popularity of this apparel division has grown over the years as it has become increasingly more socially acceptable to wear workout gear in casual and semi-formal settings. Athleisure has elevated the casual stay at home outfit into something acceptable for the workplace. Despite the growing popularity and the numerous businesses athleisure has spurred, a handful of self acclaimed trend forecasters speculate athleisure’s reign is coming to an end. These speculations are spurred by a perceived over-saturation of the market and the return of denim to fashion week runways. The concern with...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Athleisure Textiles

Athleisure textiles are determined by four key requirements: comfort, durability, flexibility, and luxury. These requirements allow a garment to support the  wearer’s active and social lifestyle while also being functional and stylish. With  athleisure having a similar appearance to athleticwear, the distinction comes down to the fabric choice and garment construction. Athleisure apparel tends to have a heightened level of craftsmanship and is designed with the intention of being comfortable rather than functional. Some of the fibers and textiles mostoptimal for athleisure include: Polyester A durable and lightweight synthetic fabric composed of recycled plastics, polyester is the most widely used textile in athleisure due to its ability to blend well with other fibers. Additionally, polyester is crease resistant and has substantial insulation properties. Spandex This fiber provides elasticity and breathability to the garment it is blended into, allowing...

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Athleisure or Athleticwear: What's The Difference?

Athleisure and athleticwear are two similar apparel categories for people with active and busy lives. The distinction between the two varies from person to person, so I will attempt to provide you with my best assessment of the situation. Athleticwear initially became popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s when there was an increased interest in fitness, due in part to the ‘do-it-at-home’ exercise equipment and routines being advertised in infomercials. Activewear, also known as sportswear, is category of performance clothing intended to be worn at the gym or while participating in a sport. This type of apparel is designed specifically for athletic use and has evolved over time to help enhance the wearer’s athletic abilities. An example of such an evolution is the development of compression fabrics, which help regulate blood...

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